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An Evening-Length Interactive Performance Exhibit


With the social trends of the 21st century, researchers have noted a decline in the ideas and functions of community. Taking inspiration from numerous thinkers from around the world, Re:borN brings a vision of community to life through this evening-length Interactive Performance Exhibit. Audience members will be immersed in a gallery-type presentation of dance, music, and projection, and have the opportunity to enter the performance space, walk amongst the dancers, and participate to the extent of their preference.

Premiered: OCTOBER 7, 2017

at SAVANT NOBO in Chinatown Los Angeles, CA

Directed and Choreographed by:

Boroka Nagy

Lighting Design:   

Martha Carter

Projection Design:

Boroka Nagy


Annika Alejo, Jestoni Dagdag, Kristy Dai, Simon Harrison, Alana Isiguen, Breanna Rathbun,

Emma Walsh, Emily Yamashita

Rehearsal Director: Alana Isiguen

Photographer: Jazley Faith


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