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Next of Kin

September 20, 2019

Through the medium of dance and the playwright's voice, Next of Kin, explores abuse, adoption, divorce, dysfunction, parental letting-go, love, same-sex relationships, and the miracle of motherhood. Next of Kin probes our understanding of family by storytelling through dance and the spoken word. 

Catch Artistic Director Boroka Nagy perform a solo from one of our favorite works, "Amongst the Fragments!" 



October 12, 2019

Our next interactive evening-length work will premier in October in Los Angeles, CA!

Saturday, October 12, 8:30pm

Sunday, October 13, 8:30pm

Fathom & Form

737 Kohler St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Re:borN Dance Interactive and architecture studio Curious Minds Los Angeles present an interactive performance that uses choreography, architecture, and technology to explore the act of surveilling and being surveilled.  The performance draws from the Panopticon, an 18th century prison structure designed by philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham, which allows inmates to be observed by a single watchman without the inmates knowing whether or not they are actually being watched, driving them to regulate their behavior as though they are constantly being observed.  The psychological effects produced by the panopticon have foreshadowed contemporary social conditions, where the feeling of surveillance is omnipresent - from the myriad of surveillance cameras around us, to the fear of our own technology watching us, and even further to our own voluntary creation of constant visibility through virtual profiles.


OMNISCOPIC leverages the parallels of surveillance and performance, challenging the roles of audience and performer as physical and digital forms of surveillance evolve.  A narrative of choreography and spatial installations conveys notions of control, isolation, empathy, and finally a sense of the inescapable power and ubiquity of surveillance. 

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